Woman To Women is all about illustrating stories of different cultures around the world through our unique textile prints and style.


Each design is hand-made with exceptional detailing by highly skilled artist that highlight our focus on sustainability, quality and craftsmanship.



Woman to Women is driven by passion for crafts and tradition, we believe in eco-friendly fashion, we aim to bring you old age craftsmanship with a modern twist.



We care deeply about using natural fabrics and using age-old techniques of hand-embroidery to create garments that are sustainable and long-lasting.




We cut, embroider and sew all of our designs in our design dual showroom studio in New York and Italy. Each and every design is hand-crafted by a team of expert artisans to adhere to our expecting quality standards. Each collection concept begins with discussions over the natural fabrics to use, the type of silhouettes to cut and the type of embroideries to utilize, so that the collection is thoughtful and essential.