Woman To Women is my soul journey around the word.

It’s where all the things I care most about come together: Creativity, Compassion and Community.

Woman To Women is an handcrafted apparel and home décor business based in NYC and ITALY. I have always been drawn to handmade products, it has a story.

After many years working in the finance Industry, I decided to step away and build something of my own based on my love natural fibers such as Linen, Cotton gauze, antiques textiles, leather, Wool. The idea of making a collection with these element help elevate traditional craft, and experience fashion made in a more soulful and sustainable way.

Aside from the online shop, you can find me at different Makers Market throughout the country, where you can get more acquainted my family and I we are team.

I invite you to journey with us and be part of our world, follow our story on all social media and see where we will be next.

Woman To Women  #globallyinspired