Woman To Women is my soul journey around the word. It reflects and evokes my Creole heritage. My desire to preserve artisanal traditions is a vital part of my DNA and philosophy.

After many years working in the finance Industry, I decided to step away and build something of my own based on my love for natural fibers such as Linen, Cotton gauze, antiques textiles, leather, Wool. The idea of making a collection with these elements help elevate traditional craft, and experience fashion made in a more soulful and sustainable way.

Woman To Women is a brand that is dedicated to the authentic soul, we welcome you into our family in hope that you share our love for slowly produced, culturally inspired and hand-crafted designs. Every style is created from a sketch, every bead is hand placed and every embroidery is customized by hand.

Aside from the online shop, our stores you can find me at different Trunk shows, Makers Market, Pop up shops, throughout the country, where you can get more acquainted with my family and I. We are a team.

I invite you to journey with us and be part of our world, follow our story on all social media and see where we will be next.

Xo Gia


Woman To Women