At the core of our philosophy is the belief that ethical fashion starts with responsible production. Our commitment to sustainability is embodied in the meticulous creation of our garments, exclusively using organic cotton, linen, and using pre-existing, third-generation materials to champion zero-waste design and circular practices


Creole Abstract setCreole Abstract set


Welcome to the soulful journey of Woman To Women, a celebration of my Creole heritage and a testament to the enduring spirit of artisanal traditions. Born from a deep-rooted desire to preserve the essence of craftsmanship, this brand is an extension of my DNA and philosophy.

Having traversed the realms of the finance industry for many years, I made the conscious decision to embark on a new path — one that allows me to craft something truly unique and close to my heart. Woman To Women is an ode to the natural world, a collection woven from the finest threads of Linen, Cotton gauze, antique textiles, leather, and Wool.

In the heart of each piece lies the commitment to elevate traditional craft, creating an experience where fashion transcends mere aesthetics. Our journey is more than just about style; it's a pledge to embrace sustainability with every stitch. By intertwining these elements, we aim to redefine fashion, making it a soulful and sustainable expression of art.

Join us on this voyage as we navigate the intersection of heritage and innovation, weaving stories that resonate with the past, present, and future. Woman To Women invites you to explore a world where fashion is not just worn but experienced in a way that honors the roots of craftsmanship, creating a timeless and sustainable legacy.