What is the Boho style?

What is the Boho style?


What is the Boho style?

Typical of nonconformist fashion, suitable for free spirits, who love nature and live life day by day. This is what the Boho style is


The Boho style, also called Boho-chic, is a particular style associated with the hippy and bohemian culture, hence the term.

This way of dressing and combining colors and patterns began to spread like wildfire around the early 2000s , with many female exponents of the show.

For example:  Zoe Kravitz,  Chanel Iman, June Ambrose,  Tracee Ellis Ross, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller,  The list goes on.


What is the Boho style?

As we said, "Boho" is nothing more than an abbreviation of Boheme , a term used to indicate an unconventional lifestyle.

Although the exponents of this style, the so-called bohemians , were mainly associated with traveling and refugee peoples, this term was soon associated with the most disparate personalities .

The nonconformist vein, free, but at the same time linked to well-rooted and important values, have meant that the term bohemian was also associated with influential personalities of our history.

And not just modern fashion.



The Boho-Chic style

In reality, the term Boho-chic is much more recent, as it concerns a more modern meaning of the boho style.



The Boho-Chic look

Already in 2005, the first dresses of the boho chic style began to appear in London boutiques. Then it spread like wildfire throughout Europe.


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